Engineering Axial Intensity of Bessel Beams using Meta-axicons with Amplitude and Phase Control


The paper presents a new method for generating Bessel beams with uniform axial intensity over a defined region by using metasurfaces. Bessel beams are well known for their non- diffracting nature, but their axial intensity varies considerably during propagation. To address this limitation, we propose using metasurfaces to control the amplitude and phase of the incident fields and thereby generate a uniform axial intensity Bessel beam. The unit cell used in this study is composed of coupled rectangular dielectric resonators with polysilicon as the dielectric material. Numerical simulations were conducted using COMSOL multiphysics to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach.

Photonics 2023, Bengaluru
Jerin Geogy George
Jerin Geogy George
Research Scholar

My research interests include meta-optics, computational electromagnetics, dielectric metasurfaces, deep learning