Sidelobe-Suppressed Bessel Beam using Hologram


We present the generation of a sidelobe suppressed Bessel beam using a holographic technique. In our approach, we used the interference pattern of a superposed Bessel beam (SBB) with a tilted plane wave as our hologram. The SBB is generated by the superposition of two Bessel beams with slightly different wave vectors. The parameters of these individual Bessel beams are optimised such that the sidelobes of the generated SBB are minimised. The peak intensity of the sidelobes of the generated SBB is about 70% less compared to a standard Bessel beam

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Pacific Rim, P_CTu8_24
Jerin Geogy George
Jerin Geogy George
Research Scholar

My research interests include meta-optics, computational electromagnetics, dielectric metasurfaces, deep learning